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Association of Swedish bakers & confectioners

The association of Swedish bakers & confectioners is the organisation for the bakeries and patisseries in Sweden, both artisan bakeries and industrial bakeries. The organisation was founded in 1900.

The Association of Swedish bakers and confectioners is an trade organization for Swedish bakeries and patisseries, both artisanal and industrial.

We are over 400 membership companies..

..with a total of 15 000 employees

..and a turnover of more than 20 billion kronor a year

..constituting about every other workplace in the food process industry of Sweden.


We manage the organization based on five focus areas are…

                    bring forth more educated bakers and confectioners

                             …increase the positive attitude towards the industry and the products

                             …create a forum for networking and a community for our member companies

                             …Create better conditions to run a bakery

                             …and organize competitions


Our main focus is to make it as easy as possible to run a bakery or patisserie business.


Our “Satisfaction Index”, which we started measuring in 2010, has been on a steady climb. This is due to all our active members giving us input that makes it possible for us to represent the industry in a credible way.


We increase the positive attitude towards the industry and the products through contact with journalists, dialogue with politicians, authorities and opinion leaders. As well as working actively with PR and marketing. We also run the Bread institute (Brödinstitutet) and work with PR, using the positive and very powerful nutritional and climate benefits of bread from a scientific perspective.


We are a player that many authorities, politicians and other decision makers respect, listen and refer to. We are a member of the governments national council for food strategy, and have an ongoing dialogue with several authorities and other organizations that have impact to the terms of entrepreneurship in Sweden. Internationally we work together with Nordic and European as well as international partner organizations.


In order to help our member companies we have several membership benefits for example legal council.

We also work to increase the number of educated bakers and confectioners and have published educational books. Every year we also organize training for all bakery teachers in Sweden.


Our many competitions aim to attract young people into the field, increase the career status as well as make the industry and products more attractive. Our championships are:

                             Swedish Confectioner or the year (Årets Konditor)

                             Swedish Baker of the year (Årets Bagare)

                             Swedish championship for Young Bakers (SM Unga Bagare)

                             The Swedish School Championships (Skolmästerskapen)

                             Bakery Entrepreneur of the Year (Årets Företagare i bageribranschen)

                             The Swedish Sandwich championship (Mack-SM)


Our national teams competes internationally, in Coup du Monde de la Patisserie as well as the world championship for young bakers where we have won several gold and other medals. (Swedish National baking team, Swedish national pastry team, Swedish national youth baking team)


We have also been given the honorary assignments of creating the wedding cakes for the past years magnificent Swedish Royal weddings. The crown princess Viktorias and Prince Carl Philips weddings.


All this contributes to strengthening the baker and confectioner trade in the eyes of the public and encouraging young people to choose baking as an occupation.

The Association of Swedish bakers and Confectioners, is a membership organization where all the work is aimed to benefit the members.

Our mission is: “We make it easier to run bakeries and patisseries.”